5 on-page SEO tips



5 on-page SEO tips

When you are building a new website there is one thing you need to bear in mind; SEO. Search engine optimization is divided in on and off-page SEO. Today, we are going to talk about the secrets of the on page SEO in order to help you make your website take off and have a lot of traffic.

Now, except for the keywords, URLs, and H1 or H2 titles, you really need to pay attention on some other things, if you want to gain more traffic in your site. Let’s get into the 5 on page SEO tips!

On-Page SEO requires scope

If your team has experienced copywriters, ask them to produce more extensive content. Google gives content with the largest number of characters. The text on each page should be at least 300 words, while pages with more than 1000 words tend to be even more popular on social sharing.

Impress with visual material

Creative images, videos and illustrative charts increase a user’s stay on a web page, while reducing bounce rate. Whether you are building your portfolio, enriching your blog, or introducing a new service, it is worth investing in quality visuals to increase user engagement with your page.

Adopt Responsive Design

As early as 2015, Google started evaluating mobile-unfriendly websites as Negative SEO. So if you want to protect your website from potential google penalties, it is important to adopt a responsive design. At Develop Greece we create content that is not only perfect, but also looks perfect!

Scatter LSI Keywords in your content

LSI Keywords are those sub-keywords that are related to the target keywords, but come second to your priority. Therefore, you do not need to mention them in your title tag. However, you need to scatter them in your content, as they enhance its quality.

Increase dwell time

If a user presses the button that leads to the back page, just a few seconds after opening it, the content of that page fails to get the attention it needs! These seconds are called “dwell time” and are an important factor in On-Page SEO. Try to create original and interesting content for each of your pages, making every aspect of your website attractive to its visitors.

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