5 simple tips to have sex in the bathroom



5 simple tips to have sex in the bathroom

From fiction to reality… and more specifically in your bathroom, with the person or the escorts who excite you the most. Yes, it is possible, as long as you follow the right moves.

We do not all have the weight of a weightlifter, nor the experience of a porn star or escorts in Athens. Nevertheless, sex in the bathroom is an experience that we can enjoy, in the right way. Let’s see how.

Congratulations, you just took the first step for an imaginative reversal in your sexual routine. You have enjoyed the right food, the excitement has taken root in your mind, fortunately not at the point where the logic and the studied direction of the action that will follow, with the following steps, through the official Durex blog.

1. Plenty of hot water

Do not be stingy, you need hot -even lukewarm- water for both of you. Without heat, nothing beautiful can begin.

2. Leave the shower gel aside

You forget all kinds of fake news that the shower gel can be used as a lubricant. We do not experiment with them. Before the sexual encounter, you have made sure to use your shower gel for a quick rinse, having made sure that there is not the slightest trace of it, from the moment your partner is in the bathroom. The reason is obvious: it slips. And we do not want such accidents under any circumstances.

3. Be careful with the lubricant

Of course you will need a water based lubricant or even silicone. As you are in an environment with running water, its use should be careful and with more repetitions than in the bedroom. Even more care is required with proper product maintenance. Can you imagine what happens if the packaging is damaged and spilled?

4. Do not force yourself

In a shower there is definitely more freedom and comfort in terms of standing with standing partners, in a bathtub, there is probably no space comfort for two lying partners. In both cases there is a need for subtle and careful movements. But if sex in the bathroom ends up looking like an Olympic gymnastics team workout, please take a break and take the match to the bedroom, to the couch, to the balcony, where it is more comfortable for both of you.

5. Wear a condom

You are a big child, you can understand how important it is to wear a condom EVERY time, in every love affair. In the case of sex in the bathroom, wearing a condom while wet is a little more difficult and there is always the risk of not fitting properly. You can even provide for this by wearing a condom before you even turn on the bath water.

No epilogue needed

Sex in the bathroom can be the scene of ridiculous accidents, but it can also turn into psychedelic magic. You know what to do… Enjoy. Why not, arrange a meeting with escorts call girls.

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