Advantages of relationships in your 20’s



Advantages of relationships in your 20’s

The 20s for most people mean parties, nights out, sex and dating without tomorrow, in order to discover “what is out there”.

But what about those who have found the ideal partner from an early age? Women and men share their own reasons why they are happy to be in a serious and long-term relationship. The following twenty statements are all about the advantages of relationships in your 20’s!

Long term relationship and reassurance

1. You can experience the joys of single, such as studying abroad and drinks with friends, while enjoying the benefits of a long-term relationship with your partner.

2. You have already found what most people are looking for all their lives: someone who understands and truly loves them.

3. You have someone who knows you well and loves you while you are in a constant process of personal development.

4. Laughter and sex are better, while the intimacy that exists is much stronger than in a one night stand.

5. You have constant confirmation of your talents and expectations. Think of it as having your own personal cheerleader 24 hours a day.

Learning how to accept and what is important for each other

6. You learn from a (relatively) young age what is really important to you in terms of companionship and what you need to do to build a successful and healthy relationship.

7. You have someone you trust, at a time when you are trying to understand who you are and what you want to do with your life.

8. At the end of the day, you will always have someone waiting for you and who will be glad to see you.

9. As long as your friends and acquaintances face the difficult and problematic area of ​​dating, you have one that you really like and has all the gifts of the ideal partner.

Getting to know each other when young

10. Monogamy means better awareness of what each of you likes about sex and less risk of transmitting STDs.

11. They learn new things from each other, experience new adventures and experiences and together develop the ability to face challenges as a team.

12. You can move the relationship forward gradually, without the pressure of getting married and starting a family quickly, which arises later in life.

13. Recognize each other’s flaws and help both of you become better people together.

14. Quiet nights at home have more meaning and become more enjoyable, since you have one to watch your favorite series together.

15. You have an ally, close and erotic partner in one person.

Life gets a meaning when you two are together

16. You have more time to focus on your studies and career, without wasting your time on dating sites and people who, in the end, are not worth it.

17. Obligations like shopping in the supermarket and cleaning the house become less boring when you are together.

18. While your friends are scattered all over the continent for studies, graduates and jobs and disappear, you have someone you know will be by your side.

19. While your friends complain that they can not find a normal, interesting person and wish they had someone like your girlfriend, you feel lucky to have found someone so great and rare.

20. You can always be yourself, and you have a partner who encourages you, cares for you, appreciates you and loves you even when your most unpleasant side comes to the surface.

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