SEO: What it is and how it works in Italy


SEO: What it is and how it works in Italy

How does research work and what is seo for in Italy?

First of all, it should be better explained how Google search works and what SEO is and what it is for.

SEO (from the English “optimization for search engines”) is a type of activity that can be defined marketing on Google and search engines in general, or rather digital marketing, and which allows a site to naturally rank at the top of the results offered by search engines in relation to the various searches made by users on Google and other search engines. SEO is a technical profession, engines analyze positioning signals (which include more than 200 algorithms and seo factors) to provide the most relevant results for users’ searches. SEO can lead to affiliations, direct partnerships or customers and companies, as well as consulting. This is the seo in Italy.

It is therefore important to understand how search engines work.


The engines analyze positioning signals (which include more than 200 algorithms and seo factors) to provide the most relevant results for users’ searches.

SEO as a job can lead to affiliations, direct partnerships or clients and companies, as consultancy.

In other words, if for example I have a website, thanks to seo it is possible for me to improve my site or ecommerce in the rankings of search engines, so that when a user searches for “seo italia”, my site appears among the first results of Google and other search engines, improving the position in the ranking, or SERP.

A positive sign that indicates the quality of a search engine can be, for example, the refresh rate, speed, and experience that the user has on that site. Negative aspects can instead be bugs and technical errors as well as particular penalties given by the new algorithms.

Or another signal may be the links that the site receives from the outside, a sign of the domain’s authority.
It is also important to write on the internet, and today more and more on social networks, other signals included among the Google positioning factors. An seo news today, in Italy, is sometimes not already a novelty in the USA. Seo in Italy today, to be good, must study and experiment every day how to get to the first page, first on national search engines.

Who are the best Italian SEOs

The best Italian SEOs are certainly those who manage to achieve their goals. Who are committed to their work, who work hard to ensure that the company or client they work for can obtain an ROI after applying the set SEO strategy. There are so many better SEOs, but surely what I prefer most of all is the SEO that manages to make at least 1000 euros a month only through affiliations of any kind. Here, these are the SEOs I respect most of all, and who don’t need a customer because they know they can use their time in other ways.

The tools of seo

An seo often uses free tools such as Google tools (Trends, Analytics, WebMaster Tools and others), or other very good paid tools such as SemRush or Moz’s work tools (even if they may take too long to update the results) , tools for the analysis of competitors, advertising campaigns on AdWords and other Google and non-Google tools.

A list of the most used (and useful) free tools can be found here, but there are many others, some more and some less useful, or many build their own seo software and tools themselves.

Often the tools are only a means to facilitate the SEO work, but sometimes they complicate it. The best tools to monitor a site, analyze its indexing and its positioning are always those offered, for free, by Google. Everything depends on knowing how to use them well, and become good.

The importance of being present on Google Italy: The best SEOs

Today, most consumers browse the web before making a purchase. Many of these consumers, who we can then define as online users, use a search engine (such as Google, or Bing, or Yahoo!) to search for information in relation to the product they want to buy. Different kinds of information: reviews, product information, costs and more. We may identify such information as “keywords” (for example “seo agency reviews“).

As you can easily understand, it is therefore important to appear in the first places for the keywords that interest your market in Italy. Not only in relation to information, but also because being at the top of Google or Bing on more specific searches obviously offers a big competitive advantage, ultimately leading to the purchase.

SEO and Local Search

Research is becoming more and more local today. With an ever-expanding online market, it is important to also give your business a local stamp. Local search allows you to be found for searches in the place or place of interest. Google Places does just that. To make your business local, and therefore more indexed for searches that take place in individual Italian locations. In fact, the current settings now have the location option set automatically to the city from which the search is made.

Searching for a term in Rome or Milan is not the same thing, and does not lead to the same results for many keywords. In addition, today in Italy Google (and the other search engines) are starting to locate searches in Italy based on the IP address and therefore on the geographical location of the user carrying out a search. Establishing yourself locally and appearing for such a user therefore becomes indispensable. So research is an important point to keep in mind to position your website among the local search engines.

Local Search Experience for a single location in Italy
seo in America or Italy is not the same thing. The same goes for individual Italian cities. It is easy to understand that, especially if my shop is not only online, the location of the store is important. So obviously it will not be relevant for a user in Lecce to find information in Google about an agency in Rome. For this reason it is important first of all to analyze your target and your scenario (territory, competitors, etc.) as well as the site to be optimized. To do this, it is important to analyze and detect user behavior even only for the area or group of individuals taken as the target. The seo analyst helps you do just that.
Enhancement of its products and services in the areaSEO Italy makes it possible to enhance your products and services, making them visible to users in Italy who are looking for those products or services. Thanks to the optimization of your site for the Italian market, in fact, you can get visits to the website, and therefore interest in your brand and consequently greater visibility and more conversions and purchases. Having a business in Italy, both online and offline, means that it is important to know your target (be it country, city, region, group of individuals or other) and ensure that your target can find us all over the peninsula or only in the region or city of Italy concerned, simply by searching on Google.

What does it mean to do seo in Italy?

SEO is a Web Marketing activity that can be learned by getting information on the web, completely free of charge, or in private courses. It is not a discipline taught in universities, as it is probably not recognized (at least for now) as such.

Anyone with a website (or not) may be able to do seo by experimenting every day. A good “optimizer” optimizes the site to bring more traffic from the results of organic search engines, or obtained for certain keywords.

In addition, seo job offers are always available online on many industry sites, so when you are prepared enough, you can also think about applying online by sending your CV, rather than using your own techniques to better position your site and thus obtain traffic and users interested in their business without necessarily having to face an interview. What is certain is that it is always good to inquire when you are looking for an seo.

I publish some questions they asked me for an seo interview, about who the seo specialist is and what it means to work as a seo.

What does the SEO specialist do?

SEO is a branch of online marketing, aimed at acquiring unpaid traffic from search engines.

The SEO as a profession makes sure to optimize the pages of a website, so that they are correctly scanned, indexed and understood by the search engine.

To do this, the seo Specialist must act on those elements (onsite and offsite) that allow to improve the positioning of the site and make it visible for some keywords (user searches).

To understand how this is done, he has to experience (trial and error) to understand how the search engine indexes pages and displays results.

The search engine does not “reveal” the positioning factors through which it positions a page before another, and above all it changes and updates these factors continuously (we are talking about hundreds of updates every year).

Many of these factors are known among SEOs around the world. There are also guidelines that search engines provide to ensure that a site is included on search pages.

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